Metz - UNESCO Creative City of Music

Metz - City of Music

In 2019, the City of Metz was the first French city to receive the UNESCO Creative City" award in the field of music. It thus joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, which currently counts some 300 cities worldwide.

UNESCO's decision recognised the long-term cultural ambitions of Metz: “to make culture a lever for sustainable and solidarity-based development and to promote access to culture for the greatest number of people possible as a cornerstone of education and social inclusion” and the relevance of Metz's application entitled "Music as a lever for education, training, transmission and social inclusion" - all major assets for sustainable, harmonious urban development in line with the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals.

This prestigious label rewards the educational and pedagogical aspects of Metz's musical ecosystem, and gives it the opportunity to engage in international collaboration and cooperation with numerous international players in UNESCO's Creative Cities network. It is in this context that the City of Metz, the Cité musicale-Metz and the Université de Lorraine have organized the International Week of Artistic and Cultural Education in June 2023, and in particular the first International Professional Meeting on Artistic and Cultural Education, in the presence of several UNESCO Creative Cities from Asia, America and Europe.


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2 mai 2024

"Premières scènes" se poursuit

"Premières scènes", c'est le tout nouveau projet initié par le Pôle musique et danse de l’École Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine (Metz-Epinal)

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29 août 2023

Ca bouge à Borny - vol.2

Ca bouge à Borny revient pour une seconde édition le samedi 9 septembre de 11h à 18h à la BAM.

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Faites de la Musique !

Place de la Brigade d’Alsace-Lorraine
Mercredi 17 juillet de 17h à 23h

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Jono McCleery / Tiny Blue Arms

Jardin Botanique
Jeudi 18 juillet à 19h

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The Ex

La Douche Froide
Mercredi 24 juillet à 21h