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Metz has embarked upon a long-term cultural policy geared towards making culture, and music in particular, a lever for sustainable community development and a vehicle for social cohesion. Music continues to play a fundamental role in local cultural policy, having formed an integral part of the city since the 8th century thanks to Metz chant, a precursor of Gregorian chant. To meet the challenges of boosting development and further enhancing its appeal, the city has put in place major cultural infrastructures and a number of projects or initiatives targeting artistic and cultural education, with a view to making culture accessible to all.

This policy is most clearly visible in the field of music, with impressive cultural facilities including the Cité musicale (Music City), Conservatoire à rayonnement régional (Regional Academy) and the Opera & Theatre and music schools. Alongside these are imaginative strategies for music education and access to music, such as the Demos children's orchestras, school orchestras and schools hosting artists and musicians in residence.

It is in this spirit that the city wishes to apply to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) and so continue its commitment to sharing and raising awareness of its cultural ambition on an international scale. In view of its history and the wealth of activities, the City of Metz has chosen to apply for the creative field of music, knowing that it is such an excellent lever for education, communication, development and inclusion – all of which are key factors for sustainable and harmonious urban development. This application is part of our ambition to expand the musical ecosystem in Metz through a series of new projects and initiatives, and to strengthen international collaborations in culture and music.



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